Hood River


Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls


Bjarni tasting beers at Full Sail Brewery


Breakfast at Broder Nord


Rose Garden


Smelling the Roses

This week has been one for realizations. My boyfriend is changing jobs and getting hired as a full time engineer at a firm so his free time will officially be only on weekends. Which leaves me alot of time during the week, when I’m not teaching violin, where I will be alone. In addition to that I accepted a summer gig for Friday and Saturday nights so the option of mini weekend trips is limited to day trips. Anyways, as our lives are shifting now so we decided to take a mini road trip to Hood River before Bjarni starts working.

Since childhood Hood River has been a place where I imagined as an adult I would be vacationing often. The town is cute and hip enough I saw it as the ultimate outdoorsy spot. But until now I haven’t spent anytime there.

We got into town in the afternoon, walked around and window shopped. I bought a super cute polka dot dress and we spent some time in a couple of breweries watching the notorious kite surfers.

Later we head into Portland to meet my bass friend Emily for dinner at Bjarni’s favorite brewey, Deschutes. We stayed at the McMenamins White Eagle Bar & Hotel. When we arrived there was a Portland girl band playing live music in the bar. Such a chill place to end the day.

The next morning we had breakfast at Broder Nord, a Scandinavian restaurant. I absolutely loved it! Then walked around the Portland Rose Garden and head back to Seattle.

This trip was the perfect mini getaway for us. Life can be so beautiful when we take the time to appreciate simple things.



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