Jewelry Box Painting

About a month ago I found a ingenious Pinterest diy project that would “kill two brids with one stone” as well as feed my creative appetite…okay, not the best idiom there. Anyways, I have been struggling to find a jewelry box that will hold all of my jewelry and display it nicely. Also, ever since we moved in, in September, I’ve been not so successfully trying to come up with an idea for a painting for our undecorated bedroom walls. So when I found this project I knew it was going to work fabulously!

Bjarni’s brother Siggi, who works as a carpenter, was visiting us from Iceland so I thought a good ol’ trip to home depot would be fun with him. At home depot we picked up the material needed for this jewelry box.


  • Two 1/4″ 2’x4′ Birch Plywood Panels $12.42ea x 2 = $24.84
  • Two 1″x4″ 6′ Clear Cedar Board $8.15ea x 2 = $16.30


  • One 1-1/16″x48″ Continuous Hing $9.47
  • One Magnetic Catch w/ Strike $0.98
  • Gorilla Glue $4.97
  • Wood Screws (I had these laying around, it doesn’t matter the length, as long as they’re long enough to hold the frame together)
  • Several 7/8″ Cup Hooks $2 for 6 hooks (I bought three packs = $6)
  • Several Drawer nobs/handles (You can find used ones at Habitat for Humanity or Ikea sells cheap unique ones)

You will need to use a drill/screw driver, saw (or take advantage of Home Depot’s self-saw station in the lumber dept. to saw the frame), and sand paper. Also, if you want to paint the inside I recommend spray paint with primer. Not to mention whatever paints you are going to use for the “Painting” part.

Of course after I finished the project I realized that I hadn’t taken enough photos of the process so hopefully my directions will make up for that. Also, I recommend taking a look at the original directions for this project over at  I have changed a few things from their design…using a 48″ continuous hinge (for better support), the placement of the hinge, and gluing it to the front panel (to not make holes in my Painting).


1. Building the Frame. The two 1″x4″ 6ft board need to become two 2ft and two 4ft boards. Then drill two holes at the corner of each corner of the frame where you will then screw a wood screw into.

Attaching the back panel to the frame

The box is built!

2. Once the frame is built, you will need to attach it to the back panel. Lay the back ontop of the frame and drill several spots where you will screw the back panel to the frame.

Letting the glue dry with pressure

The bottom back side of the “Painting” is only attached by glue (no screws)

3. Now that you have the box you will work on the front panel. The 48″ continuous hinge will have to be glued to the front panel. (The screws that come with the hinge are too long and will go through the front of the painting if you choose to screw them. Plus the gorilla glue grips plenty well for this project.) The hinge will be attached to the bottom back side of the front/Painting panel. I layed the front panel ontop of the box (exactly how it will eventually go) to glue it and stancked books ontop of the bottom to put pressure while it dried. Don’t forget to put plastic or tape on the frame itself where the glue could possibly leak.

Spray painting the inside of the box to Tiffany’s Blue

Priming the “Painting” surface

Practicing the “Painting” technique I used

The Painting!

4. Now’s the time to paint the interior of the box (if you’re going to). And paint the “Painting” front panel as well. Once everything is dry and your “Painting” is complete, you can continue.

Glue the Magnetic Strike to back side of “Painting”

Magnetic Catch screws to the top inside of the box

5. Attach the magnetic catch to the top of the box. Again, you’ll need to glue the strike magnet to the back side of the front panel since the screw they provide is too long.

I layd out my jewelry before making the box

6. Before attaching the “Painting” front panel to the box it is best to lay out your jewelry and decide where you want your hooks and nobs to go. Draw little X’s to mark where you will drill holes for the nobs. After you drill those holes attach your nobs and hand screw it the cup hooks.

The hinge is screwed in on the outside bottom of the frame

7. Attaching the front panel is pretty simple. Lay the “Painting” on top of the box and using the screws in the continuous hinge package hand screw in the hinge to the outside bottom of the box/frame.

Inside completed project

Outside completed project

8. Now you just need to attach your Jewelry Box Painting to the wall and hang your jewelry in it and your done!!!

I certainly hope you have a blast making this project and please comment on your experience. All in all this project took me a week to do dedicating a few hours each day.



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