My Beautiful Life

Recently I went to the Beautiful For Life conference by Elegant Femme’s Tara Marino and I really heard what she had to say. There were many wonderful tips for creating the life you are here to live but the idea that has stuck with me the strongest and has been mulling around in my head since coming back home is this; creating my living vision. Your Living Vision is similar to a Vision Board but you write your living vision from the position of already having everything you desire. You imagine and feel what it would really feel like to have the things/people/experiences you truly desire. And this can evolve with time, you can write a list or expand more into detail… for me right now it means a list of things and experiences I desire.

For me I need to express mine here on my blog, even though it is personal about me, you’re welcome to read it maybe for inspiration for creating your own. Of course, yours may look very different from mine, it only matters how it looks and what is on it to you.

What is the vision you hold for your life?

  • I only do things that make me happy
  • My morning routine really allows me to set my daily intention and brings me peace
  • Create beauty in the world (art, jewelry, interior decorating, gardening)
  • I teach Suzuki violin to wonderful students who live nearby, as well as regular group classes and host beautiful recitals for my students to perform in
  • I play tennis and golf and am a member at an exclusive country club
  • Exercise daily by running, hiking, pilates and doing yoga
  • Wear beautiful elegant and colorful clothes that make me feel amazing
  • Every pair of shoes I own feel great and look fabulous
  • Luxury is in every area of my life
  • My Mercedes Benz is brand new (with MB of Beverly Hills license frame)
  • Sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Bjarni’s and my relationship is exceeding my idea of a wonderful relationship
  • My few close girl friends are always here to support me and have a blast with
  • My relationship with myself is in a place of great love and connection
  • My jewelry design Etsy shop, KIELOdesign, is one of my passions that pays me
  • I own a multi-million dollar business which brings joy and beauty to my life as well as other’s, it is incredibly easy for me to create wealth
  • My Instagram photos inspire all kinds of people
  • I regularly vlog about my lifestyle and share my experiences
  • I eat beautiful plant based cuisine
  • Every morning I have my stylist do my hair and make up for me
  • I inspire by gardening in my organic garden
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers can be seen in every room of my home
  • I have a harmonious relationship with my family (and Bjarni’s)
  • The crystal chandelier in our home is one of my favorite pieces
  • I travel around the world every few months to explore this beautiful planet and enjoy new experiences
  • I speak Finnish, Icelandic, and Russian with my family and am conversant in the language that is spoken where I live

This or something even better for the good of all concern.

Also at this conference I learned about the 3 femme types; Indie, New Yorker and Frenchie. We all have all 3 but one is dominant. For me that is my Frenchie. I am here to enjoy. When I came to this realization I learned that this was so true for me and I had been saying no to my Frenchie for too long because I thought it was frivolous to spend time and money on pampering and experiences and things that allow me to fully enjoy and take in life’s pleasures. So here is a promise to myself, I am now fully stepping into my Frenchie. I am here to create beauty and BE BEAUTY. Everything that brings me joy is what I will choose to engage in and anything that doesn’t feel right or serve me I will decline by saying YES to myself, how I feel, what exactly I feel like doing in every moment.I'm A Frenchie


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