Garden Oasis Project

Being my first spring at Bjarnakot (our first apartment) I decided to make the most of the tiny little patio area we have. So I started a bunch of plants from seed in March, began collecting pots, buying dirt and planning a beautiful outdoor container garden oasis. I am by no means finished creating my garden but I had to share some photos of my progress so far.


Patio in September 2014


September Hanging Baskets

Let’s first start with a look at the patio last September when we moved in, immediately we bought teak outdoor furniture and I managed to plant some flowers before the frost. It was very nice to have an outdoor dinner area right after moving into our first apartment.


Our patio this Spring


The patio from further away


Looking the other way


And of course, the tulips

Now this spring I’ve been collecting pots and here is a look at the patio before I began designing it. Of course I planted tulips in the beds the previous October because I love tulips, so it was encouraging to see them come up on there own!


Starting tomato seeds

Now I’m getting to the DIY part. Starting seeds: I have tried many methods of seed starting and didn’t have a sure method that I liked so I went to Pinterest for advice. To my surprise I found a suggestion of plantings seeds in egg cartons, so that’s what I did! I put a few egg cartons on a tray and started seeds inside until they sprouted, then I’d put them outside to be in the sun and take them in every night until it was warm enough to just leave them outside. Replanting the seeds was also very easy from the egg carton.


Spray painting pots


Repainted this pot to pop!


The beginning of colorful pots


The pot I found next to a dumpster and hand painted to hide the chips

Then I began looking for pots, any and all kinds of containers to plant in. I found a bunch for free on Craigslist and decided to spray paint them to make it a colorful garden. There were also some pots left from previous tenants and I bought some pots from Ikea and even found one next to a dumpster in our alley way.


Home depot had a really great sale on vegetable plants which I couldn’t resist and I also picked up some other plant starts at the Washington Arboretum plant sale fundraiser. So then I began arranging the placement of containers and what plants needed more/less sun and started potting the plants.


Plants starts ready to be potted


More potted plants, and notice the hanging pots all suspended by my amazing wire wrapping skills!


Potted plants


Clean but dirty looking chairs


Spray painting chairs!


The garden coming along, the blue chairs add a pop of color

Next I cleaned up some dirty white plastic chairs that had also been left behind by previous tenants and spray painted them blue!


Tulip plant stand I upcycled

I found another gem in the dumpster which was a plant stand decorated with tulips! I was so excited to find this and after a coat of spray paint it looked amazing! Then I hand painted the tulips red. Then a couple of colorful Ikea pots tie it into the rest of the patio.


Colorful fence top container garden

So now that I’ve planted plants and seeds into most of my containers I’m getting closer to my finished design but I still have a ways to go. I bought some lanterns at Ikea which will provide candle light for outdoor dinners all summer long!

I’ll definitely post another blog when I feel the garden is finished but I’m seriously looking forward to a beautiful summer here in Madison Park and spending time in my garden oasis.




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