Travel Mindset

Recently we’ve hosted some Couchsurfers. If you don’t know what Couchsurfing is then here’s a brief explanation. is a community where you can meet up with travelers visiting your city and show them the cool local spots you’ve come to enjoy, or you can also offer to host people who are visiting. Obviously this works the other way as well, so when you travel you stay with locals and get a more unique travel experience this way.

Anyways, so recently I’ve had the opportunity to get to know new friends and showing our guests around Seattle. Since I’ve been spending time with people who are traveling, I’ve gotten glimpses into why and how they travel and it’s been really a insightful.

I have plans to travel but I guess I’m hesitant on when and where to go first…so I keep postponing actually planning some kind of trip. This is such a large run around subject in my head right now I won’t get into it right now… but another idea I had was lets start “traveling” at home first. Get back to exploring this city I’m choosing to live in because of how cool I think it is.

So often I get stuck in everyday life and make excuses for not going downtown or trying something new around the city. It really doesn’t make sense, I have time, and I think I’m interested in exploring Seattle, so what am I waiting for?

Today I went to Capitol Hill to meet up with a Finnish girl who is visiting Seattle and realized that I have not explored that neighborhood at all!! So I’ve decided that I need to regularly explore new things in my city. I’m not entirely sure what my method will be but I’ll start by making a list of places I keep hearing about but haven’t been to and put them into my planner. Also, I’d be very interested in doing this “challenge” with someone… I’ll probably invite couch surfers who are staying with us to come along but it would also be nice to have a local friend to explore with. If you want to join me on this challenge then let me know and lets get exploring!

Peace and Love!



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