Decorating The Livingroom

This week we took another go at decorating our house. We got fancy pillows and a throw blanket, as well as put up some wall decor.


My boyfriend has been wanting to frame the map he got as a present after receiving his captain’s license (in 2005), so today we finally found the right frame and he hung it on the wall. Sure to be a conversation piece when guests come over.


We also added a decorative wine rack on the kitchen wall, it holds four bottles and covers the labels with fancy french labels which makes it a perfect display for say, two buck chuck…


our oven does not have a clock so we found a small green clock to hang over the doorway in the kitchen.

Our current project is framing the bathroom mirror. The mirror in our bathroom is huge, it takes up the whole wall!


The main reason I wanted to do this is because of some rust damage on the edge near the bathroom sink, plus it would make the bathroom look more classy. I’ll definitely write a blog post about how it turns out.

But in the meantime, after teaching violin today and starting my boyfriend on the mirror framing project, I made a delicious pizza for dinner. Trader Joe’s pizza dough with tomato sauce and lots of toppings! Mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, garlic, veggie sausage, olives and mozzarella! It was fantastic.


Well we have a lot to do before Saturday, so I’ll get busy supervising the framing project now.

Until next time,


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