Taste of Iceland and Other Happenings

This past weekend was very multicultural, it started Saturday morning when I went to Suomi Koulu, Finnish School, to be teacher’s helper at the arts and crafts table. There are five age group classes at Suomi Koulu and each one rotates through the art table during the morning. My favorite part about the art table is the crafts the teacher prepares for the students are really cool. This week’s art project was a watercolor painting of birch trees, you lay painters tape on the paper which will become the birch trees.


Painting Over Masking Tape

Then watercolor the rest of the paper, let it dry and add gold circles with bottle caps, once that dries you peel the tape off and with a credit card and black paint, scrape on the birch tree texture. I’m a fan of birch trees and have been looking for a project to make for our apartment, so I have decided to make this one!


Birch Tree Art Project

Saturday afternoon we went to the Taste of Russia food bazaar in Capitol Hill for coffee and dessert. My Russian speaking friend was there so we caught up.

That night at Neumos they had a Reykjavik Calling concert Reykjavik Callingso my boyfriend and I met up with some friends before the show for dinner and went to stand in line for the concert right before they opened. There were three Icelandic artists that performed in the concert, Júniús Meyvant, Sóley, and Sin Fang. They were each paired up with a Seattle band and it was quite the collaboration. Honestly I did not like the style of music, they sang in whisper, seemed lost in thought and displayed an interpretation of what can be considered “music.” This kind of music is what Iceland is famous for, their huge music festival, Iceland Airwaves, is 85% this kind of music. So as my mind wandered while listening to the concert I thought to myself that you can become world famous just for being an “Icelandic” artist. My favorite and only so far artist that I like is Emmsjé Gauti, an Icelandic rapper. So I came up with one of my greatest ideas yet, when my boyfriend and I move to Iceland I’m going to become a world famous Icelandic rapper! This also takes care of my reaccuring question to myself, “if I move to Iceland, what on earth will I do there?” Simple answer: become a world famous rapper, cool. Now that I’ve got my life plan figured out, I need to study my Icelandic.

Sunday we went back to the Russian food bazar and had lunch there. However, I ordered Борщ and Пирожки but there were no beets! How can you call a vegitable soup without beets borscht???


Beetless Borscht

Must not have been a true Russian who made it. They had a couple vendors there as well so I bought some Russian tea cookies.

Sunday evening we were invited to the Seattle Friends of Iceland club movie night. They had a fun ice breaker, you had to guess what thing found in iceland was on your sticker, on your back. Then we watched an Icelandic movie about a man who’s fishing vessel sunk and he was the only person of the crew to survive. He swam 6 hours in the winter sea and then walked two hours barefoot on a lava field to get to the town. They did many tests on him and called him a miracle for surviving. I really liked the idea of this new club of people who are drawn to Iceland, so I also volunteered to be on the board. My boyfriend got really excited when they announced the next meeting will be at Odin’s Brewery.

Until next time,


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