Office Beautification and Icelandic Sticky Notes

Happy Friday! Wow, today has been wonderful so far. I had a lovely few hours at the toy store this morning and then came home to find my boyfriend already at home! (He usually gets home a few hours after I get off work) I said “good day” in Icelandic to his family on Skype. Wait, Icelandic? Yep, we have started learning each others’ languages, Icelandic and Finnish, this week! The house is covered in sticky notes with the objects name in Finnish and Icelandic, this will at least teach us the words for things around the house. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going…

So while he was on Skype I thought I’d run to the gift shop and buy a journal to use for my entrepreneur challenge I’m doing. It’s called the Sensual Entrepreneur 22 Day Challenge with Tara Marino. She sends a two minute video everyday of one inspiring tip to do with your business, and if you follow this program (for 22 days) you will become so much more in sync with your business.  So I’ve decided to do this challenge with the Saltroom business. I have notes here and there written about things to do towards it, but today I finally went out and bought my journal where I can write everything that has to do with my entrepreneur business.

One very important thing I forgot to mention about the advice Tara gives is she really emphasizes the power of beautifying your workplace. Which means using beautiful journals, files, office materials and to really create beautiful office space. Since my “office” is my living room, I wanted to get a journal that could sit in the living room and make it one bit more beautiful. I also want to add, today’s tip was to pick a signature flower and scent. She said go buy flowers for your office (my living room) and that is also what I did on my block long trip to the gift shop. I was thinking about what flowers I love and tulips kept popping up into my head, then when I got to the grocery store there were three bouquets of pink tulips in a bucket basically calling my name. So I brought them home and put them in a vase, in my office.

*Side note: Our downtown Madison Park area has a couple of blocks of cute shops and in front of all the shops the street is lined with these beautiful pink trees! (They’re blooming now so I had to include this)

Later my best friend came over to Madison Park for the first time and I showed her our apartment and we walked around the neighborhood. She really enjoyed my new place! Today has been such a great day and its not even dinner time yet!

My super sweet, handsome, darling boyfriend has the rest of the evening planned for us… candles have been lit, so I’m excited for how this evening will go.

Until next time,



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