Address Labels and a Toy Store

My address labels from Vistaprint finally arrived!!! I ordered them on September 7th and they just arrived this week. I thought they had gotten lost in the mail but I was thrilled when I found them in the mail box.



You might be wondering why I love address lables…so I’ll tell you. When I was younger probably age 12, I started sending out Christmas cards to my friends and family, which eventually turned into my parents’ friends and family, so I was given address lists, cards, stamps, and return address labels with my parents’ names on them. So I started cutting out their names (you can imagine how much time that took with an exacto knife) and writing my name, Julia, in the newly blank space. Years later, I finally figured out where to buy address labels with my own name on them. So now for the second year I will have return address labels with MY name and address on them!

This year I ordered  250 since I don’t want to run while out writing Christmas cards. I might have gotten a little ahead of the seasons, but I have a running Christmas card list which I started in August…but my opinion is you can never start too soon with Christmas cards. No matter how early I plan somehow I still manage to be running to the post office days before Christmas mailing them out. But I’m hoping this amount of planning will be enough especially since the list is even longer because of my boyfriend.

We were actually thinking about doing a couples picture card for our close friends and family. Then I always make original Bassmass cards (I send to all of my bass friends and colleagues)….which I still need to find inspiration for. I’ve done Snowman w/ Bass, Bass on Skiis, and last year was Penguin w/ Bass. If you have an idea for me, please tell me in the comments!

Enough about address labels and Christmas cards, now onto the second subject of this post; a toy store? Yes, today I started working at a cute little toy store, Red Wagon, in Madison Park. Red Wagon Toy Store It’s literally a block and a half from my front door. I’m getting trained for the next few days. I would almost call this toy store a boutique because the toys they sell are good quality and expensive. But because this is Madison Park, the toy shop stays happily in business and is the go to place for kid’s birthday presents. The owner, who is super nice, owns three shops on the same block and the shops kind of work together making it feel like your a part of the family.

Ultimately my first day went really well and I also discovered that the bakery next door, Madison Park Bakery, has amazing pumpkin loaves! If you come to Madison Park this fall, try it!

Until next time,


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