Flower Beds and Coffee

Today I decided to plant flowers in the two column flower beds we have on our back patio. I bought red petunias to plant a while ago but finally got around to it this morning. As I began digging I realized how old and nutrition less the soil was so I took a trip down to the local nursery.

City People’s Garden was pretty great. The nursery had all kinds of plants, pots, garden deco, bulbs, and interior decorations. I looked around for a while, then left with a bag of dirt.

Now that I could replace the soil in my beds I planted red tulips deep in them, then went a layer of dirt, and finally the petunias! They look beautiful next to our outdoor set and go nicely with the hanging baskets I already have hanging off the fence.





After all of that exhausting gardening I baked almond muffins and boiled the water for 3 o’clock coffee. My boyfriend arrived home from school just as the muffins came out of the oven, and right on time for coffee break. I bought a new coffee blend from Trader Joe’s, Coffee á Cocoa, so I tried it for the first time today…and it was divine.



It’s a medium-dark roast with cocoa chunks mixed in. Another appeal at the store for me was that it came preground. The texture is incredibly smooth, the chocolate flavor is just right. It’s reminds you of a mocha without being one. I absolutely recommend this coffee blend!

Now our patio is beautiful and ready for use and my tea/coffee shelf is fully stocked, so let the tea parties begin!

Until next time,


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