Candlelight Dinner

As one of my graduation gifts I recieved a Trader Joe’s cookbook. It’s called “Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Skinny Dish.” Basically all of the ingredients you can buy from TJ’s and the recipes are all pretty healthy. On another note, I dislike Asian food in general, with the exception of Phó, Egg Drop Soup, Thai Eggplant, and white rice. It was kind of recently that I discovered that Thai eggplant was actually good. So I was happy to find a recipe for Thai Basil Eggplant, Yowza! in this cookbook. I picked up the ingredients at TJ’s and made this for dinner last night.


It was a pretty warm day so by 8 o’clock the temperature was just perfect to sit outside and have our first patio dinner. I have hanging baskets full of flowers on the back fence which beautifies the back patio into a very nice dinner spot. I lit a candle on the table and voila! a romantic candlelight dinner on our back patio.

The eggplant turned out great. At first it seemed that 2 eggplants was too much for the pan but once the water evaporates from the eggplant it mushes down into a manageable amount. The flavor was pretty close to what I had tried at the restaurants also, I might add some ginger next time though. It was a fun experiment and this dish has officially been approved by my boyfriend as a dish I can make for dinner anytime! Sounds silly, but I’m learning how to cook this year and I keep a list of dishes he likes. Cuz usually I eat whatever I cook no matter if it’s burned or has too much garlic lol.

Until next time!



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