Welcome to Madison Park

Moving can sometimes be a pain, but this time around the excitement of getting our very own place together and not having to share a bathroom or fridge with anyone else anymore has made this the best moving experience yet. My exotic (Icelandic) boyfriend and I officially moved in together. And boy, did we score big time on the perfect place. We now live in Madison Park, one of the fancier neighborhoods of Seattle, in a one bedroom apartment which overlooks Lake Washington. If we go down to the beach, right across the street from us, and look directly east across the lake, we can see our neighbor, Bill Gates’, residence. This totally reminds me of the Great Gatsby.

The apartment is one of five units located in an old house from the 1940’s. The architecture is adorable and we even have a front yard courtyard and a private patio in the back as well. Our brick fire place has a gold stallions head incorporated into it and the front door is split in two, so you can have the bottom closed and the top open for fresh air.Arinn the fireplace stallion Split front doorWe’ve furnished our living room mostly, I still want a chaise lounge chair to sit by the picture window looking out to the water. And pillows, we still need pillows. Instead of buying artwork I was thinking to make some, I just haven’t gotten any ideas yet.

Anyways, now that we’re in the process of unpacking and finding a place for everything I realized that the kitchen and bathroom cabinets either didn’t have any shelf lining or had some ugly stuff probably from the 70’s. So I searched for several weeks to find a cute shelf lining that I liked and I ended up finding the winning design at the local hardware store two blocks from us. So I ended up spending 4 days putting in shelf lining and eight 9 foot roles! It was time consuming but now our cabinets look cute and I can feel good about putting dishes away.Polka dot shelf liningCabinet for cupsCabinet for pots and pans

Now that I’ve graduated from the University of Washington and am back from summer vacation people have been asking me if I have a job lined up and what am I going to do. This really annoys me, I never went to college to “get a job,” college for me was an experience that was mandatory (by my parents) and a good idea so you have something behind you when you go out into the world and explore. So for this year at least I have decided to stay in Seattle with my boyfriend while he finishes his masters program so that I have time to think about what is next for me. In the meantime, I’m planning on continuing what I have been doing while in college, working my fun theater job and teaching Suzuki violin.

Now both of those are part time and people kind of laugh at me for saying that, but from those two hobbies I live very nicely thank you very much. Then with my free time I’m being an “entrepreneur” through my family’s business, the saltroom.

As for the Suzuki violin part, this week was pretty surprising…on Monday I started getting emails from parents of students who study with one of my suzuki mentors. The stars aligned for her family and they decided to move out of town this week, so she referred her students to me which is great for me now that I have so much more time. So now I have a good sized violin studio that I’ll be teaching this year! I was even invited to the Suzuki teachers of Seattle Friday Coffee Hour! Which I went to and really enjoyed formally meeting some of the teachers I’ve observed over the years at Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute.

Somehow I kind of feel like I’m becoming a housewife, putting all the shelf lining in, making dinner for us every evening, walking to the post office down the street from us, and now having coffee with Suzuki teachers! It’s only a matter of time before I buy a bunt cake mold and start inviting my friends over for afternoon tea with cake and cucumber sandwiches. I’m perfectly fine with this right now though, I’m just glad that I don’t have to go back to school like most of my friends are doing.

Well, I need to finish unpacking my clothes and organize the bedroom…

Until next time



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